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These are a collection of current projects! Most of them are in the production phase currently. Most of them are related to my own personal journey and varied interests. The first project was my school thesis, the second is currently happening, and the third is in production. Message me if you'd like to know more! 

The Cherry Pit

Writer / Director

The Cherry Pit is a play (with performances but not a musical). It's about the reality of queer people being on display for other people. Often queer people are akin to an exhibit at a museum rather than real people. It was inspired by the play The Colored Museum. I wrote, designed, created music, and directed the reading of my 137-page play as my thesis and will continue to work on it. 


Queer Styling Program

Creator / Stylist

My styling and identity have evolved greatly, and I feel incredibly confident in my own skin. My goal with this program was for other queer people get to feel comfortable in their own multifaceted identity and combat dysphoria as much as possible.Understanding what others prioritize in their style and doing it on a sliding scale.

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Guest Host

Producer / Casting

“Guest Host” is a two-person podcast where the guests and hosts are not the people who make the show, but two random people who haven’t met before. Of the pair of personalities, each person is assigned the role of either guest or host by the producers before the episode starts. As the recording is underway, the host will receive the questions that they have to ask the guest via text.

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